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Customize your Home with Craftsman Stationary Power Tools and Benches

Craftsman stationary power tools help you create professional-quality pieces during every step of your construction or repair projects. Saw through thick pieces of lumber to construct a brand new deck. Polish a finished piece of furniture with a heavy-duty disc sander. Features like vibration dampening feet and metal castings add convenience as you craft customized pieces for the home. The durable steel construction ensures that you'll enjoy Craftsman benches from Sears for many years to come.

Heavy-duty Craftsman benches and stationary tools can help home renovations go smoothly. Drill holes through PVC pipe with a drill press to prepare for a kitchen renovation. Line up the drill bit with the integrated laser guide before starting the high-speed motor. Adjust the drill table elevation as needed for optimal comfort and control. If you are building a new kitchen countertop, a band saw will create gentle curves for a snug fit around a sink. Dust collection ports keep the workspace cleaner after a long day of work.

Once the major construction pieces are complete, add decorative trim with wall moldings. Slice each piece to the right size with a miter saw and smooth away rough edges using a stationary sander. Any room in your house can be modified to look polished and beautiful with the help of Craftsman stationary power tools from Sears.