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Increase the Range of your Outlets with an Extension Cord

Even the most modern houses have limits on the number of available exterior and interior outlets. An insulated extension cord makes it easier to access power around the house, up in the attic and even out in the yard. Sears has heavy-duty cords designed for electricians and construction workers as well as shorter cords to connect the computer or printer to a nearby outlet. With an extension cord or two, you won't need to worry about running new electrical wire through the walls just to take your tools and electronics where they're needed.

A new extension cord does more than just help you reach a nearby power outlet. Many cords have as many as four outlets on them, making it possible to plug in several appliances or power tools without having to run multiple cords through your work or living space. Brightly colored cords in oranges and blues make it easy to spot them on the ground and help reduce the risk of cutting the cord while working with portable saws and outdoor trimmers.

Whether you need a place to plug in power tools or just need to charge your phone, you'll find an extension cord for the job at Sears.