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Test Household Circuits and Measure Voltages with Electrical Test Tools

When it comes to working with electrical components, there are few household tasks that require as much precision, care and planning. Electrical test tools and maintenance equipment from Sears is specially designed to be used by homeowners and professionals for troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing a variety of wiring and electrical problems. Before you cut, reconnect or otherwise tamper with electrical wire, be sure to carefully inspect the materials and environment using the right electrical test tools.

Beginners can find electrical testing kits with some of the most common pieces of equipment available, including digital multimeters, infrared thermometers, ammeters and voltage detectors. Expand your electrical toolkit with electrician's accessories, GFCI testers, light meters and other measurement and diagnostic gadgets for a variety of projects at home or on the job. Measure temperatures more effectively with a non-contact thermometer, or use a circuit breaker finder to troubleshoot an ongoing problem.

Add a set of heavy-duty alligator clips to your tools for a stable connection for meters and probes, or use an AC voltage detector featuring a built-in flashlight to take accurate readings in low-light conditions. With some know-how and the right equipment on hand, taking care of electrical problems on your own can be simple and efficient. Complete your tool collection with new electrical test tools from Sears.