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Electronic Gate Openers and Accessories From Sears

An electronic opener to more easily operate your automatic garage door from Sears can mean only one thing: You and your car are going to be spending a lot more time in the garage. With the help of accessories from Sears, you can get the garage in shape for its new full-time occupant.

With most garages, parking a car inside is a close fit. The dangers of dinged fenders and scratched doors is often a trade-off for the safety and protection of garage parking. However, with the help of a variety of different parking systems from Sears, you can ensure that your car ends up in the exact position every time to avoid any of those nasty dings and scratches. Many of the systems use laser beams to let you know when the car is in precisely the proper parking position.

If your car is going to be inside the garage every day, the chances of grease, grime and leaking oil or other fluids on the garage floor are very likely. However, with a garage floor mat, you eliminate the mess. The mat, which comes in foam, vinyl and other protective surfaces, is available in a variety of bright colors. That way, when anything leaks on the mat that shouldn't be leaking, you notice immediately and can head to a car repair shop.

Of course, with the car in the garage, that greatly increases the chances that you'll be in the garage as well on tasks such as cleaning or making minor repairs. How about tool storage accessories from Sears to make sure you can handle an oil change or any other minor job in the comfort of your garage? Storage shelves or cabinets from leading brands like Viper and Craftsman allow you to keep all the tools and supplies you need within reach.

Now that you're settled into the garage, you may need additional storage space for the items that used to be lying around before the car and tools took their place. Cabinets for the garage from Ulti-MATE or Craftsman can create some good-looking storage space on the walls of the garage.

A garage is an invaluable place to have to be able to protect your car. Choose accessories from Sears to make the garage a safe and inviting place for you and your car, but don't forget the other members of your family. Put up cabinets so that everyone can store items in the garage.