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Get Rid of Dust and Rust with Bench Brushes

Removing dust and debris from your work bench is easy with a sturdy dust brush made with a thick thatch of horse hair bristles. Knocking rust off tools and parts can be done with a steel-bristle wire brush. Wire bench brushes are available as affordable hand tools. They're very portable and ideal for use on auto bodies and pipes. Wire brush heads for your bench grinder are a great choice when working on small parts you can bring to the bench. The heads can also be inserted into drills for working on larger surfaces. Brush heads from Grobet are very affordable and come in many different diameters and brush lengths to give you options on every project.

If the job involves cutting wire or cable or snipping tin or sheet metal, Sears has the cutter tools required. The Craftsman Edge Utility cutter with replaceable utility blades will take on a range of materials including vinyl flooring and plastic. It doubles as a utility knife for drywall or carpeting. Knipex and Clauss make cutter tools that electricians depend on for all residential and commercial wire and cable gauges. Midwest Snips and Stanley are the choice of HVAC professionals and sheet metal workers who need tough snips for making accurate, clean cuts. You can search our hundreds of cutter tools by brand, tool type and other features to find exactly what you're looking for.

Drywall tools from Sears help you lift, hang and finish drywall on walls and ceilings. Drywall lifts from Troy and Pentagon Tool raise and hold the sheet in place while you get it screwed down. Professionals will appreciate a pair of stilts from Bon Tool that keep you from re-positioning and climbing a ladder all day. A variety of taping knives, tape and joint compound will help you complete the installation. For finishing your drywall, we have the sanding blocks and sandpiper that will make seams disappear.

You can keep your cutter tools and blades sharp or shape metal with metal files from our excellent selection. Individual files and sets are available from Craftsman, Nicholson and other popular brands. Sets come with a variety of files that give you the right edge for each filing task. Straight files and round files provide options for the work. When your favorite file needs a new handle, we'll have that too.

Hand tools from Sears make you more effective and efficient on the job. Our assortment is huge, and our prices are always competitive. Reach for bench brushes, cutter tools and files from Sears. We have exactly what you need.