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Remove Bolts, Rivets and more using Bolt Cutters

Bust through hardware and other small metal objects using bolt cutters. These essential tools from Sears make it easier to disassemble fencing, furniture, machinery and more. They can also help you access locked buildings on your property when you don't have the padlock key on hand. For multi-purpose use, a center cutter is ideal. Use this versatile tool for a variety of applications, like cutting through rods, pipes, fencing and chains. If you only plan to snip small locks and thin wire, a mini bolt cutter may be all you need.

Build a versatile collection of bolt cutters for tackling a variety of specific tasks. When disassembling machinery or furniture, use cutters featuring clipper or angle cut blades to snip nails, bolts and screws away from the surface. The lower edges of the blades are beveled for cutting flush with flat surfaces. Mesh cutters and end cutters are also available for specialized tasks.

Bolt cutters from Sears are made from quality materials that stand the test of time. Heavy-duty compound hinges provide concentrated cutting force while hardened steel jaws efficiently slice through metal. The non-slip, plastic coated handles feel comfortable in your hand, no matter the length or type of cutter. Remove stuck fasteners from a variety of surfaces with reliable new bolt cutters in your tool carrier.