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Tackle the Fine Details of a Project with a Durable Chisel

Whether you're whittling wood or chipping through stone, a handheld chisel can help you sculpt materials with accuracy. Sears has a full selection of chisels to for metalworking, masonry and woodworking projects. Pick up a combination tool featuring a built-in wood rasp or punch for your latest project, or add a complete chisel set to the workbench to stay prepared for any upcoming repairs. Work precisely with chiseling tools and accessories.

A chisel set is for metalworking projects. Cold chisels can carefully scrape excess material from soft metal pieces. The flat head can cut through metal sheets or shave notches through the surface with its resilient steel construction. When punching holes in aluminum, try using chiseling tool that narrows to a precise point and strike the device with a hammer to puncture metal.

Chisel sets are valuable additions to your woodworking or masonry tool kit. Create hinges and grooves in a thick piece of lumber with a handheld steel model. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip while pivoting the flat tip through the wood grain by hand. When chipping stone for a masonry project, a chrome vanadium steel chisel will crack through especially tough surfaces. Some models are even compatible with specialty air tools, like air hammers, to generate even more power. Shape any surface with chiseling tools from Sears.