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Work Carefully and Cleanly with new Punch Tool Sets

Swinging a hammer with enough force to drive home a nail can leave a material's surface damaged without the proper precautions. Hammering with punch tools makes it possible to deliver the same amount of force without leaving an unsightly mark. Awl tools and punches from Sears are essential gear for the woodworker or craftsman who cares about how their finished product looks just as much as how functional it is. Every tool carrier should have a set of punches and awls for adding the finishing touches.

Unless you're using a hand drill, it can be difficult to set up a drill bit and bore a hole through slick materials without taking a punch tool to it first. With just a tap, the punch makes a divot in the material to rest the tip of a drill bit in before pulling the trigger, keeping it from walking out of the hole and delivering a straight bore.

Awl tools have sharp points that have been honed to mark hard surfaces like stone or metal. A few scratches from an awl can mark a pipe for cutting or threading. They can also be used to do detail work on softer materials like wood or leather.

Punch tools and awl tools make common tasks easier and can give the finished product a more professional look. Find prick punches, pin punches, nail sets, awls and more precision tools for your collection at Sears.