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Make Clean Cuts using a Durable Utility Knife

Whether you're a contractor, craftsman or an artist, a utility knife is a tool that always seems to come in handy. A pair of heavy duty snips are great for cutting through thick materials, but when you need to cut a clean edge repeatedly, a versatile utility knife is ideal. When you have a durable pair of box cutters, it's even simple to slice through notoriously tricky materials like carpet and vinyl. Just shorten or lengthen the blade to match the thickness of the material. The steel-reinforced blade guide reduces slippage for a more precise cut.

A slide locking utility knife with a rubber grip is a convenient addition to any workshop or kitchen drawer. Use it to strip a wire or break down cardboard boxes for recycling. Sears even has a compact, oval-shaped knife in a sleek assortment of colors that suit your style. This makes a great gift for a college student moving into their first apartment or a budding woodworker. When the blade starts to dull, the ergonomic design makes changing it a snap.

A box cutter is just one of many hand tools that can make your next do-it-yourself project easy. Take the struggle out of cutting with a utility knife from Sears.