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Stabilize a Workstation and Project Materials with a Heavy-duty Vise

Whether you're drilling a PVC pipe or practicing your woodworking skills, a steady hand is important for precision work. Sears is stocked with a selection of vises that stabilize materials so you can wield hand and power tools with complete control. Find all-purpose bench and specialized models with high-quality, heavy-duty construction.

Vises are available in both general-purpose and specialty designs. A bench design can handle a wide variety of tasks. For intermittent use, try a lighter model that attaches to the workbench with a clamp. The small device twists into place without extra tools, and removes easily without damaging the workbench surface. If you need a more permanent solution, prep the workbench with a handheld drill and bolt the device down for rock-solid stability. A stationary model can handle heavier materials and more demanding projects.

Some options are specially designed to work seamlessly with specific tools. A drill-press vise is built for efficiency when drilling into heavy pipes or thick lumber. Twist the jaws around the materials and line up the drill press for improved accuracy and stability. Sears also carries vacuum, woodworking, cross sliding vises and more to tackle any task. Work confidently with a sturdy new bench vise.