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Create Beautiful Things with Wood Chisels from Sears

Wood chisels turn blocks of wood into priceless treasures. If you're just getting started, an affordable set of wood chisels from Craftsman, Speedhex or Stanley is a good choice. The sets include chisels ranging in size from 1/4 in. to 1 1/2 in., giving you the tools for forming the piece or adding very fine details. Experienced wood carvers will make good use of professional-grade wood chisels from Robert Sorby. Full-size and miniature sets from Sorby give you the right wood chisels for the type of work you do most. They feature hand-polished hardwood handles, tempered steel chisels and an edge that is sharp and durable.

While wood chisels are specialty tools, pliers serve many purposes. Most sets feature three to five different types of pliers, so you can select the set that has the tools you'll use the most. Long-nose pliers work well in tight spots. Tongue-and-groove pliers take bigger bites when needed and give you longer handles for greater leverage. Cutting pliers are made from hardened steel to cut through wire and other tough materials. Locking pliers give you a grip that won't slip. Affordable plier sets from Craftsman, Klein Tools or Greenlee are a good choice for occasional home projects. Contractors might prefer the higher quality and greater durability of plier sets from the Craftsman Pro Series or Knipex Cobra Series.

Metal workers know the value of high quality riveters for putting sheet metal pieces together. We carry riveters from top brands like ADT and Marson. Hand tools and hydraulic and pneumatic riveters are available. You may want to stock up on rivets from Arrow or Allstar once you've selected the right riveter for your needs.

A strong vise on your bench gives you the extra set of hands you need for many projects. Vises attach in one of three ways, and we carry all types. Those that bolt to the bench are the most secure, but they aren't portable. We carry affordable bolt-down vises from Mintcraft and ATE Pro as well as professional-grade models from Wilton, Yost and Columbian. The second type clamps to the work bench, and this makes them secure and portable. The third type uses a vacuum base to cling to a bench top. These are the most portable vises, but the bench top must be very clean. Two of the top brands for vacuum-based vises are Viseman and Trademark Tools.

Sears has high quality tools for the woodworking specialist and the handyman who does everything. We carry complete lines from the top brands in the industry. Place your order today and get great prices on tools.