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Complete your Workshop with Hand Tools from Sears

Whether you work as a mechanic or a carpenter, you need professional-duty hand tools to get the job done. Sears carries a complete line of name-brand hand tools from makers like Craftsman and Stanley for cutting through wood or changing a tire. Select a Craftsman hammer with the right weight for pounding 16-gauge penny nails, and invest in a set of pliers for snipping wire or for securing bolts of various sizes. From ratchets and sockets to screwdrivers and nut drivers, fill your toolbox with name-brand tools from Sears.

Other hand tools to consider for your workshop include torque wrenches for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. Unlike a standard wrench, the torque wrench provides more strength and precision when removing lug nuts or working on the car engine. Craftsman torque wrenches come in various lengths and measurements for use with both chrome-plated and torque socket sets. We also carry torque wrench sets that include cases to protect your wrenches during storage. Because of the torque wrench's micro-clicking action, you know exactly when you've reached the proper torque.

For any type of auto body job, personalized ratchet sets that contain ratchets of various sizes for working with nuts and bolts on your head gaskets or car rims. Like torque wrenches, a personalized ratchet gives you the torque to tighten a bolt with ease. Choose from Craftsman personalized ratchet sets that contain a ratchet and 18 individual sockets of various sizes to fit almost any bolt you need to install or remove. With quality hand tools like Craftsman and Armstrong ratchet sets available, you can work on the car in your garage or in any professional workshop.

Complete your workspace with personalized screwdrivers from Craftsman and AmPro. Invest in a Craftsman 8-piece screwdriver set that features cushion grips, which give you greater torque without the strain. We also have Stanley screwdrivers with FatMax grips for increasing the torque as you tighten and loosen slotted and Phillips screws. As with ratchets, you have the choice between individual screwdrivers or complete screwdriver sets that come with storage racks for organizing your tools conveniently in one place. Whether you need a single Craftsman slotted screwdriver or a complete set of Stanley personalized screwdrivers, we have professional-duty tools with steel tips for increased durability on the job.

You need hand tools such as wrenches and ratchets whether you work as a professional mechanic or you spend time working in your own garage. Invest in torque wrenches for greater control over nuts and bolts, and consider personalized ratchets and screwdrivers for both woodworking and metalworking projects. Shop Sears for affordable hand tools and high-quality accessories for your home projects or commercial jobs.