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Improve your Closet Space with Closet Hardware from Sears

Whether you need to create more space or maximize the space you already have, invest in closet hardware to make your closet more efficient. Sears carries hundreds of closet hardware to create extra hanging space or to organize your clothing more appropriately. Free up your floor space with a Closetmaid organizer for all of your shoes. Mount a matching door organizer to store smaller accessories like bowties and bracelets. With K&S solid brass rods, you can create more hanging space for your shirts, suits or dresses.

Drywall anchors provide more security when hanging heavier loads on your walls. Even if you have thicker 1/2-inch drywall, an anchor improves support whether you install coat racks or shelves. Toggler offers a lineup of drywall anchors of various sizes to use with 1/4- and 1/2-inch drywall. Just screw the drywall anchor into place, and use the open canal to insert a hanging hook or a mounting screw. If you ever need to remove the anchors, they screw out easily, and you can cover the hole with home adhesive.

While you have the choice of floor shoe organizers and accessory wall racks, you can create even more organizational space in your closet with door hardware. Hang clothing on your closet door with the Bradley hat and coat rack, and use the Baldwin Richland towel ring for a towel or a bathrobe. Keep the door from closing with the National kick doorstop, and hang your ties conveniently next to your suits with the Hafele hook tie rack. A concave wall bumper prevents the closet door from banging into the wall, and nickel door hinges provide a subtle aesthetic to the closet space.

Install multiple dowels in your closet to hang and organize your clothing. You can find a pack of 10 wooden dowels and cut them to fit wherever you need them. Dowels also work well as towel rods for the bathroom or curtain rods for the bedroom. Choose between oak and birch dowels from Waddell MFG that come up to 4-feet long. Dowels also come in a variety of diameters, so you can use thicker dowels for hanging clothes. Install the dowels in a tiered fashion to create three rows for pants, shirts and dresses.

When you want to improve your closet space, consider close hardware like shoe organizers and door racks for hats and coats. If you plan to store heavy loads on a wall shelf, then use drywall anchors to secure the shelving to the wall. With door hardware such as towel rings and tie racks, you have more space on the dowel for clothes hangers. Shop Sears online when you want to remodel your closet with affordable closet hardware and accessories.