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Construct, Repair and Assemble with Durable new Screws from Sears

When tackling construction or repair projects around the house, a set of screws is essential. These fasteners feature a threaded design that locks into wood, drywall and other materials securely. Pick up a new tub of hardware before embarking on an extensive drywall installation, or grab a few round-head screws when working with metal stock. Find the hardware options you need in flat, round and specialty designs at Sears.

When working on large-scale projects, a tub of fasteners with a handle will make toting your supplies easier. A bin of Phillips-head drywall screws is a great option for drywall installation. Although drywall nails risk backing out over time, these threaded fasteners are specially designed to stay secure for years to come. When working on other home repair tasks, construction fasteners with a coarser thread may be preferable. Pick up a tub of assorted sizes to stay stocked for any repair.

A set of screws is a great choice for smaller projects, like furniture construction or cabinet hardware installation. A set of flat-head fasteners is a versatile choice for a variety of projects. Try a slotted design to sink the hardware flush into the surface of wood, or consider round-head hardware with zinc coating for metalwork projects. Tackle any task with new screws from Sears.