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Protect your Basement Windows with Window Well Covers

Windows that sit beneath ground level will likely be within a window well. These wells let in light, but also leave your window areas open to rain, mud and the hazard of falls and trips. With a window well cover, you'll still allow the light to enter, but prevent you or your kids from accidentally stepping in them. Just like your window screens, a basement window well cover will keep bugs and debris from clouding the window or entering your home. Sears has a window well cover to help keep your basement windows clear and bright.

Along with window well covers, window well liners also help keep the well sturdy. After installing the well, the liner will give you a polished and clean look. It won't obstruct light and will help retain the well's shape over time. These window well liners come in PVC or steel. Each offers unique advantages, as well as differing looks. Covers and liners will protect your windows and help extend their lifespan.

With all the right window well liners and window well covers in place, you'll extend the longevity of your basement windows and avoid unnecessary repairs. Sears carries all the home improvement supplies you need to make your home as comfortable and as safe as possible.