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Home Hardware & Vents

Install new home hardware quickly and easily

Installing new home hardware takes no time at all when you have the right tools and accessories from Sears. Sears carries hundreds of home hardware supplies from specialty fasteners to window well covers. You can even find cabinet hardware like soft close hinges for installing new cabinet doors. We have Bobrick toilet tissue dispensers and towel rings for the bathroom, and you have access to nails and screws for mounting signs or installing closet hardware. From reflectors to dowels, Sears has the home hardware you need for your remodeling project.

Cordless grinders come in handy for remodeling projects such as cutting tile or removing rust from metal piping. If you have dull tools in your workshop, then you can also sharpen them with a Craftsman C3 angle grinder. With a cordless grinder, you can work freely without a cord getting in your way. The rechargeable battery provides long-lasting power during paint removal and mortar cutting. Look for a Craftsman or DeWalt angle grinder for better control when grinding over and around angled surfaces. With a buffing pad, you can transform your grinder into a powerful buffer for polishing stone and tile.

For crafting or woodworking, cordless glue guns help you bond your surfaces together. As an example, Use a glue gun to bond two pieces of wood together to increase its durability after nailing. High- and low-temperature glue sticks work in most Stanley and CRL glue guns, and you have access to fast-setting and multipurpose glue sticks that bond to metal, wood and plastic. Most glue guns have variable temperature settings and nozzles of various sizes to give you better control over the flow of glue on your surfaces.

After using the glue gun to bond your wood together, finish the job with cordless power hammers from Craftsman. With a power hammer, you never have to worry about missing the nail as you would with a traditional claw hammer. The power hammer works with most nail sizes, and you only need one hand to hammer the nails into the wood. The Craftsman Nextec Hammerhead features a rotating head that lets you hammer nails at 0-, 45- and 90-degree angles. A power hammer's slim grip makes it easy to hold and operate, and you control it effortlessly at the press of a button with your trigger finger.

Use cordless power hammers to install new home hardware inside and outside of your home. Bond two surfaces together with a cordless glue gun, and cut tile into place with a portable cordless grinder. Come to the store, or shop Sears online for the largest inventory of cordless handheld power tools and accessories for your weekend projects.