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Measure Objects, Equipment and Distances using Accurate Calipers

When it comes to excellent craftsmanship, correct measurements are just as important as careful construction. While laser measuring tools may be ideal for measuring long distances, an accurate pair of calipers is necessary for precise, detailed work. Whether you prefer traditional vernier models or modern dial and digital calipers, Sears carries measurement tools that are ideal for any situation.

If you're an experienced craftsmen who's accustomed to working with vernier measuring devices, update old and potentially faulty models with new instruments that are properly calibrated. Alongside straight edges, measuring tape and angle finders, the right measuring instruments can help you make short work of arduous tasks. Make car repair and woodworking easier with battery-powered digital calipers. The clear display shows final measurements without requiring any extra calculations. Dial calipers are another easy-to-use option. With either style, simply open the jaws and secure them in place to measure widths before viewing and recording the measurement.

Choose from pocket-sized and left-handed designs, so you can make the most of your time at the jobsite. No matter which style you select, the durable construction and quality materials help you make steady, accurate measurements every time. Tackle detailed projects with a trusty pair of calipers from Sears.