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Get an Accurate Measurement Every Time with Depth Gauges

When you are working on three-dimensional projects, knowing the depth is just as important as knowing the height and width. Drawers have to fit flush into dresser or cabinet frames. Screws have to fit invisibly into shelving units and entertainment centers. And lumber needs to be cut to precise measurements so everything fits snugly during final assembly. While tape measures can give you accurate readings for many home hobby and renovation projects, they aren't always convenient or easy to use in tight or dark spaces. Luckily, there are a variety of depth gauges on the market to help ensure that you get exactly the measurement you need every time.

Some of the most popular depth gauges are laser measuring tools. Lasers are incredibly accurate and can sometimes read measurements down to the nanometer. If you have to have a perfectly cut board for a screw-free piece of furniture, accurate cuts make all the difference. Other laser tool accessories such as laser levels can help calculate angles as well, which can be essential when you need a counter or tabletop to sit perfectly even. Squares are great for double-checking your work and ensuring that everything is flush before driving in the final nail.

Wood cutting devices like chainsaws and routers need depth gauges as well. Some tabletop tools come with the option to set your depth, with the blade or drill bit indicating the maximum depth. You may not need a separate depth gauge for these, though it might be handy to have one around just in case. Chainsaws and other field cutting tools can benefit from the addition of a depth gauge. When you need to make your cuts precise and accurate down to the millimeter, it can be handy to have a depth gauge attached to the power tool. Some depth gauges are devices that stop you once you have cut deep enough, while others give you a readout of your depth as you go. Your personal preferences will help you decide which is the right one for you.

Sometimes your home, lawn and hobby projects require you to determine depths in submerged environments. While you can always try to measure the depth of your pond with a stick, you'll get a much more accurate reading with a submersible depth gauge. This device relies on pressure readings to let you know how far below water you are, or need to be, for your project. When placing pumps for irrigation systems or fountains, it can be important to know the depth of your machine so you know how much lift power to apply in order to extract water for your system.

Depth gauges are useful for any number of projects and can help take some of the guesswork out of remodeling. Let Sears help you find a depth gauge that fits your needs. Whether you have to install irrigation sprinklers or just sink a screw into a stud, we have what you need to get accurate and beautiful results every time.