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Make Precise Measurements with Laser Measuring Tools from Sears

Trade outdated measuring tape and notepads for new, sophisticated laser measuring tools. The newest laser measuring devices from Sears help you avoid inaccuracies caused by factors like crooked or slackened tape. Models with continuous laser-tracking capabilities allow you to work independently. Continuous tracking also removes the need for repositioning. To make measurements from a distance, choose a model featuring indirect length measuring capabilities. Enjoy greater efficiency and accuracy on the job with lightweight, durable laser measuring devices in your tool chest.

Use laser rangefinders to quickly calculate distance, area and volume. Most laser rangefinders can display these measurements in multiple units. Use the intuitive controls to calculate a variety of conversions for any project. For especially complex conversions and calculations, make sure to carry a contractor calculator alongside your laser measuring tool collection while you work.

The latest laser measuring tools combine durable construction with easy-to-use designs. Many models are made from weather-resistant materials that hold up in even the most demanding conditions. These light, ergonomic devices rest comfortably in your hand as you make calculations and can include convenient carrying straps for reducing the likelihood of an accidental drop. Make difficult inspection and construction jobs easier with new laser measuring tools from Sears.