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Expand your Tool Collection with new Micrometers from Sears

Get ready to hammer out the details with powerfully precise micrometers. Instead of squinting and risking inaccuracies with a conventional straight edge, simply apply a digital or mechanical micrometer from Sears to find the data you need quickly and easily.

Make close inside and outside measurements by fitting the measuring rods to the object in question. Use the friction screw or barrel to carefully tighten the rods. Once the rods are securely in place, gently flip the locking lever before reading the measurement on the digital screen or clear, bold markings on analog models. To use depth micrometers for measuring spaces such as holes and steps, simply insert the rod before smoothly turning the thimble to tighten.

Whether you're starting a collection of precision measuring tools from scratch or replacing old and inaccurate models, Sears carries entire micrometer sets that are sure to meet your needs. Most sets include a basic selection of essentials like inside, outside and depth measuring tools. More extensive kits feature extras such as specialized anvils and spindle tips. Protective, durable cases fit neatly inside a portable toolboxes for convenience and easy transport. Complete detailed machining and engineering tasks with reliable micrometers and accessories in your workshop.