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Layout & Measuring Tools

Work accurately with user-friendly measuring tools

Whether you’re rerouting electrical wires or fixing a wobbly shelf, measuring tools can help you complete any task with expert precision. Sears carries traditional models, like rulers and calipers, as well as high-tech tools featuring lasers and internal calculators. Keep a few layout tools at the workbench to ensure that every project goes according to plan.

Measuring tools can help you find the dimensions of any object with incredible accuracy. Use a digital or mechanical micrometer and precision tools for measuring especially tiny objects and working in cramped spaces. Double check the dimensions of a home bookshelf with a ruler or tape measure from your tool belt. Items like colored chalk and carpenter's pencils help to mark off each measurement, so there are no surprises when assembling the final product. Tackle the beveled edges with angle finders and protractors to create crisp cuts that line up to the way you want.

Portable surveying tools can measure an entire property with precision. Use a tripod-mounted rotary level and measuring wheel to assess a sprawling backyard quickly and easily. Laser-powered tools utilize sensors and light for high-tech accuracy during construction, woodworking and electrical projects. Make accurate measurements with reliable measuring tools from Sears.