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Levels & Stud Finders

Use levels to keep your home projects straight and even

It's a no-brainer to use levels when hanging objects or placing countertops in your home. You don't want your fruits and veggies rolling down the counter when you unpack the groceries, and you certainly don't want a crick in your neck from staring sideways at your wall art. There is more than one type of level you can use to make sure you get everything perfectly straight on the first try.

Standard levels are perhaps the most versatile of levels. A typical standard level will have three level bars for horizontal and vertical alignment. You can use the level to set a counter or a door by simply turning the device. Standard levels also come in a slew of sizes to fit every need. A pocket level is great for on-the-go jobs, while an inexpensive standard-sized level will take care of most home projects. Larger levels are great for big projects, even though they do take up extra space in the workroom.

Plumb bobs and line reels can also be used as levels in certain situations. A line reel coated in chalk can help create straight and level lines for tile work, flooring placement and other projects. Plumb bobs are most helpful when installing plumbing, in order to make sure that pipes are perfectly vertical; you don't want to fight gravity when liquids are involved. Combination tools are also a great way to get two things done at once. For example, a plumb square is great for determining the angles of your project as well as making sure it is plumb and level.

If you are looking for something a little more high-tech, laser measuring tools may be the answer. While some of these laser tool accessories measure distance and depth, still others can determine exact angles of your projects, helping to ensure that everything is perfectly square and level. Likewise, digital levels use sensors to determine the exact angle of your project so you know how many degrees to adjust it. Some digital levels also include laser measuring tools that determine distance as well, so that you can use one tool for a variety of situations. Additionally, some digital laser levels can be mounted on tripod for full-scale surveying projects as well.

Levels are an important tool that helps make sure your project or remodel will last for years to come. You don't want to have to crane your neck in order to watch a crooked TV or worry about your dishes sliding out of the cabinet. A level can help prevent those problems, which will leave you spending less time on repairs and more time relaxing. Let Sears help you find the perfect level for your tool box. Whether you just need a pocket level that will help you hang a few pictures or a heavy-duty digital level that can multitask, you are sure to find one that is exactly the right fit for you.