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Conceal Imperfections in Asphalt and Concrete with Driveway Sealer

From driveway fillers for patching up surface imperfections to liquid sealers for more comprehensive protection from the elements, Sears has everything you need for improving your driveways, walkways and more. Seal cracks and holes using strong, flexible crack fillers. Choose from liquid driveway sealers, thicker formulas and pre-formed rolls to meet your needs. Liquid fillers that come in handheld squeeze bottles are ideal for repairing small cracks. On the other hand, putty-like fillers are used in caulking tubes, while preformed rolls are great for tackling larger cracks.

Driveway coating helps prevent asphalt from deteriorating the same way exterior paint keeps wood siding from succumbing to the elements. Elastic, waterproof formulas can prevent water from seeping into the base materials, keeping cracks at bay. After thoroughly cleaning the driveway and filling any cracks, use a driveway coater to evenly apply sealer. Driveway coaters typically feature both a squeegee and a brush for spreading and evening liquid sealer. The large head and long handle make it easy to cover large areas quickly.

Driveway fillers and sealers help you create a sleek surface that's a cinch to maintain. A garden hose quickly washes dirt and debris off the smooth, waterproof coating. Take property maintenance into your own hands with driveway sealer, deck cares supplies and more from Sears.