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Update your Home with a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

With exterior paint, you can improve your home's appearance and protect it from the elements. Flexible outdoor paint expands and contracts as the temperature changes, keeping it looking great throughout the year. Totally renovate the outside of your home with a new finish, caulking tools and more from Sears.

Before painting the siding, it's a good idea to tackle more detailed work. To highlight decorative elements on trim and doors, try using a glossy formula. A glossy finish creates an eye-catching shine and can be easy to clean. Although latex paint works well on most materials, be sure to use an oil-based option on metal gutters and bleeding wood. Oil paint adds a hard, durable layer over sappy wood and metals that are prone to rust. Whichever formula you choose, use painters tape to help ensure a tidy application.

Once the intricate work is done, coat the siding with water-based latex paint. Breathable latex formulas with acrylic binders hold up to harsh weather conditions, resisting moisture, cracking and peeling. No matter the project, Sears has a wide variety of colors and formulas of outdoor paint to meet your needs. Flat, satin and glossy finishes are available for a wide range of exterior painting applications. Some even include built-in primer to save valuable time and energy. Give your home a beautiful makeover with new exterior paint.