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Give your Home a Fresh Coat of Paint with Efficient Power Sprayers

Complete large-scale painting projects in less time using a power sprayer. These convenient tools distribute paint and stain with precision, so you can enjoy professional-quality results in less time. Sears has models ranging from conventional paint sprayers to high-tech HVLP options. Grab any essential painting and staining accessories and give your home a facelift with a few passes of the paint spray gun.

Conventional and cup power sprayers are easy to use. A conventional spray gun is a terrific choice for auto projects. Load clearcoat into the lightweight device and pull the trigger to begin applying smooth, clean coats to the body of a vehicle. The gravity feed design ensures that every drop of paint is utilized effectively while sweeping the nozzle across the glossy exterior. A cup sprayer is a versatile choice for paints, sealants and stains. The fan nozzle creates a seamless finish that can revitalize a weathered deck in minutes.

Airless and HVLP power sprayers work precisely to create an even coat of paint. After applying painter's tape to areas you don't want to paint, set up an HVLP paint sprayer to cover the walls of a large basement. The high volume, low pressure design ensures that less paint scatters in the air, resulting in higher efficiency application. When tackling the exterior of a home, an airless system has the range to cover even larger areas with ease. Give your home, vehicle or woodworking project a makeover with paint spray guns from Sears.