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Painter's Tape from Sears Helps Deliver Clean Edges

Paint trim and edges confidently by masking the surrounding area with painter's tape. Before starting a new project, apply clean lines of caulk with the aid of durable tape. Carefully place pieces on either side of the joint to keep adhesive from getting onto the walls while you apply and smooth the bead. A thin, one-inch roll of tape is all you need for precisely masking off windows, doors and bathroom fixtures for caulking.

Lining the edges of a painting project with the right tape helps prevent paint from straying outside the desired area. Most painting tape is bright blue for creating a distinct line. Choose an option that's at least 2" wide to protect the ceiling from accidental contact with a wet paint roller .

From duct tape to multi-use options, Sears has tape for tackling just about any home improvement project. Water-resistant duct tape is ideal for tackling duct work and making quick repairs, and pipe thread tape can be used to put finishing touches on plumbing work. Before painting a room, store your belongings out of the way in boxes sealed with packaging tape, then use painting tape to section off the project. Create proper edges on your walls or ceilings with high-quality painter's tape.