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Insulate your Home with new Weather Stripping Supplies

Homeowners can easily prevent drafts and moisture from sneaking into the home with a quality weather stripping kit. From door seals to plastic film, Sears has all the supplies that you need to insulate doors and windows in minutes.

Door seals can prevent cold air from flowing through gaps during frigid winters. Each sweep is coated with a layer of adhesive, so applying the material is as simple as removing the protective backing and putting it in place. Choose from a variety of colors that seamlessly blend with the existing interior paint for a more cohesive look. When insulating the garage door, nail-on rubber strips are durable and long-lasting solutions. The rubber weather stripping blocks out cold and moisture, and the springy surface cushions impact as the door opens and closes.

Windows are another major source of heat loss in the winter. Consider adding a little rubber or foam tape to the frame to create a weatherproof seal against the elements. The springy material stops air leaks, so heat stays inside the home. Unlike caulking, weather stripping may be used on nearly any surface without leaving a permanent mark. Enjoy a more comfortable home year-round with new door seals and weather stripping from Sears.