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Conceal Splits and Gouges in Finished Wood using Wood Filler

Refresh wooden finshes throughout your home with easy-to-use wood filler. Wood putty and filler from Sears can be used for a wide range of projects, including putting the finishing touches on flooring and restoring antique furniture to its original condition. Prepare open-grained surfaces for finishing by evening out pronounced grain lines with wood grain fillers.

Smoothing out cracked and pitted surfaces is simple with wood putty on hand. Just scoop the appropriate amount from the container and smoothly apply it with a standard putty knife. This thick, dough-like material dries hard without losing volume. Most putties contain natural wood fibers to closely match the wood base. Use a hand or power sander to smooth out any rough edges for a uniform look after the putty dries.

After applying stains and other finishing touches to the natural wood and putty base, address any remaining defects using wood filler. The pliable formula expands and contracts naturally with the wood as temperatures and humidity levels change, which helps resist cracking and peeling. Sears has fillers in light, medium and dark colors to make finding the right shade simple. Try a water-based formula for general purpose interior work, or a solvent-based formula for heavy-duty interior and exterior projects. Restore nearly any wood surface in your home with wood filler and putty.