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Painting & Supplies

Customize your home, furniture and more with painting supplies from Sears

Add a personal touch to your home's appearance with practical painting supplies and smooth, beautiful paint. Whether you're painting interior or exterior walls, Sears has painting and staining supplies to help get the job done. You can also find supplies for staining, painting and waterproofing furniture, patios and decking. Remove old finishes from furniture with paint strippers and air sanders before applying spray paint or powder coating, depending on the surface material. Revitalize any surface with new painting supplies.

Before starting to paint anything, it’s important to properly prepare the surface. After using pressure washers to thoroughly clean exterior siding, use waterproof fillers like caulk and weatherstripping to seal around windows, doors and more. Smooth wood surfaces indoors using wood putties and fillers. Once you've finished applying sealants and fillers, tape around the areas you plan to paint, then add a coat of primer for improved paint adhesion and smoothness.

When you're ready to apply wallpaper and paint, Sears has the supplies you need to get the job done. Easily paint small spaces using handheld tools, like paint brushes and rollers. Be sure to keep a ladder on hand for reaching high surfaces. To paint larger areas, save time with power sprayers and spray guns. Increase the curb appeal of your home with quality painting supplies from Sears.