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Have Family Fun with Painting Supplies and Crafts

Sears is known for having an extensive selection of painting supplies for work around the home or office, but we also carry supplies for arts and crafts. Maybe you are using ladders, paint and accessories to redo a room, but if you want to add your own creative touches to the main paint job, we are ready with all of the artistic painting supplies you need for that project. Adults and kids can benefit from having an assortment of painting supplies ready when they want to do arts and crafts. Kids' easels and art desks offer a perfect base for painting. With our adjustable kids' easels, your little artist can stand up and learn to paint like the pros. Art and activity desks have plenty of space to hold large paper pads, art or canvas boards and an array of paints and brushes.

When you work on art projects that require artistic paints, it helps to use the right brushes, which come in a wide variety of widths and materials. Thin camel hair brushes are very popular for fine art work and detailing. Other artistic paint brushes are made with foam tips, sponge tips and natural or synthetic bristles. For art projects, it is recommended that you have a selection of different brushes to create a variety of effects. Use wide brushes to paint broad areas like background sky or grass; use fine point brushes to add smaller details. Different types of paint like oil, acrylic, watercolor or tempera require different types of brushes and painting-surface materials for the best results. We also carry a nice selection of artistic accessory items like stencils, stamps and art boards.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy hours of fun and stimulating activity with arts and crafts activities. If you need some help deciding which type of arts and crafts projects you want to work on, take a look at our selection of creative art toys and kits. The whole family can have fun together, or you can enjoy them individually when you have the right supplies on hand. In addition to basic paints, brushes, paper and art board, Sears also carries a variety of fun craft kits. Choose affordable art supplies made by companies that you know and rely on for excellence, like Crayola and Deco Art. Hobby kits are also fun art projects that both kids and adults can enjoy. Art work promotes creativity and is good for relaxation. You can also profit from this hobby when you sell some of your handcrafted arts and crafts.

Family fun is always within reach when you have art supplies and an easel or art desk ready for creating your masterpieces. Sears stocks a large array of artistic painting supplies ready to ship to you. Order art kits, brushes, easels, art desks and whatever else you want to use for creating paint projects and crafts. We'll deliver to your location or your nearest Sears store, so you and your family can enjoy this pleasant and creative hobby while equipped with all of the supplies that you need.