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Clear Clogged Drains Quickly with a new Plumbing Snake

An easy-to-use plumbing snake can restore free-flowing water to even the most clogged pipes throughout your home. Unlike drain cleaning machines, these simple augers require no electricity or gas. From hand to toilet augers, Sears is stocked with the plumbing equipment that you need to help get your pipes flowing smoothly.

Plumbing snakes are simple for any homeowner to operate. The long snake can be easily fed down the affected drain, thanks to flexible materials like wire and plastic that allow the device to bend around curves without breaking. A thick handle prevents the device from slipping as you work to puncture the clog or break apart accumulated material. Nylon models featuring angled heads are specially designed to clear clogs without damaging the pipes themselves.

While some plumbing augers encourage clogs to flow away from the home, other augers pull the debris out of the pipe for easy disposal. A plastic drain cleaner is a great solution for clogged shower and sink drains, so there's no need for chemical drain cleaner. Push the long, serrated snake down the drain to remove unwieldy hair clogs. The plastic teeth grab hold of the strands, so the obstruction can be lifted away. Keep your pipes in great condition with plumbing snakes from Sears.