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Clear your Pipes with Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners use special substances that break down clogs in kitchen sinks, tubs and toilets. The products are powerful, and many are toxic, so care is necessary when using them. We have a solid lineup of drain cleaners including green nonchemical options. Some of these items contain enzymes that break down organic materials like toilet paper, fats and proteins. Caustic and acidic drain cleaners dissolve hair and fats via a process known as hydrolysis. You must take special precautions when using either acidic or caustic products. Other types of drain cleaners may utilize oxygen bubbles or other methods to break down clogs.

An example of an alkaline product is Comstar 30-500 Pure Lye Drain Opener. The product uses odorless, biodegradable lye to hydrolyze fats and proteins. Comstar drain cleaner also works on septic tanks, grease traps and roots. Since it does not contain acid, you can use Comstar safely with chrome, plastic and similar materials. The product does not produce noxious fumes during use.

Instant Power 1501 Disposer & Drain Cleaner utilizes special enzymes to digest organic material that creates clogs. Enzymes also break down the food and waste particles that cause clogged drains to emit foul odors. You can use Instant Power on a regular basis to prevent slow drains that suffer from partial clogging because of pipe wall buildup. The product is odor-free, safe and eco-friendly. Use together with plungers for regular toilet maintenance.

Tree and shrub roots can obstruct septic tanks and drains, and they require special products. Rockline Root Killer uses copper sulfate to kill roots in cesspools, sewer lines and septic systems. You simply pour the cleaner into the toilet and flush for fast action. Rockline Root Killer is not available for sale in Connecticut.

A green option for septic tank cleaning is Meadow Springs Eco-Yeast All Natural Septic Maintenance. Available in 10-oz. packages, this drain cleaner uses natural microorganisms to break down food and waste material. One bag of Meadow Springs cleaner will handle up to 650 gallons of septic system volume. To use, you simply pour the cleaner into the toilet and flush.

We have an excellent selection of chemical drain cleaners together with other plumbing items like drain cleaning machines and augers. If you need help finding a special product, click on the blue-highlighted link near the top of the page to speak with a Blue Tool Crew representative. You can also use our filtering and sorting tools to focus the items that appear on each page. For example, filter by Price to see only products within a desired price range. If you are a member of Shop Your Way MAX, you can receive free shipping for all orders. Some products also include free two-day shipping. You accumulate Shop Your Way points for redemption online or at our stores for each time you purchase. Shop Sears today for a great deal on chemical drain cleaners.