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Be Prepared for Plumbing Clogs with a Drain Cleaner

Is water backing up in your sink, shower or toilet? A drain cleaner has the durability and versatility to tackle almost any clog. Using a drain cleaner is easy. Simply insert the auger into a clogged drain, and use the feed handle to drive and retract the cable. The spring-load cutting tip is specially designed to break up dense blockages in small or large pipes. The retractable handle and large tires are ideal for quick transport up the stairs or onto your truck bed.

Sears has a wide selection of drain cleaners for home or commercial use. A portable drain cleaning machine can clear lines up to 4 inches in diameter. The motor and air-operated footswitch are both waterproof, allowing you to operate this drain cleaner even in standing water. A corded plumbing snake offers the same flexibility as a handheld plumbing auger with the added power of a drill for extra versatility. The adjustable speed helps the components pass through winding curves and thin plumbing.

From pipe cutters to tube benders to threading machines, Sears has all the plumbing tools you need to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly. Clear even the peskiest clogs with an easy-to-use drain cleaner.