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Choose Quality Pipes for all your Plumbing Connections

The right pipes from Sears will help you with all your plumbing projects. Drain pipes, elbows and nuts connect your sink faucets to drain lines. PVC adapters link square down spouts to round drains to make sure rain water gets carried away from your home's foundation. Plastics Trend makes PVC pipes and couplers in standard sizes for sewer lines, drain fields and vent stacks. Straight couplers and those formed at all common angles help you build your pipe system. PVC cleaner and solvent adhesive from Oatey and Thomas & Betts holds tight in wet or dry installations. Anvil makes standard and galvanized steel couplers and elbows for water and gas line. Once your plumbing project is complete, you can conserve energy and keep pipes from freezing with foam pipe insulation and pipe wrap from Reel King and Frost King.

If your drains are slow or clogged, chemical drain cleaners can clear them quickly. Comstar pure lye drain opener is odorless, non-acidic and powerful. Beads of lye clear drains of hair, grease and even roots. The formula is safe for all types of pipe and chrome trim. Scotch Instant Power disposer and drain cleaner is ideal for kitchen sinks with garbage disposers. It cleans the disposer and removes odors, leaving behind a fresh orange smell. It is biodegradable, so it won't harm the environment or your drain field. These are just two of the many chemical drain cleaners we carry for safe, effective use on your plumbing.

Making plumbing connections is easier when you have a flaring tool. Flaring tools from Superior Tool are effective with copper, bronze and aluminum. The contractor-grade flaring tools from Ridgid also flare mild steel pipe. The flares produced are 45-degree flares that produce an excellent seat and seal. Pipe from 3/16 in. to 5/8 in. can be flared. These durable tools operate with a screw and handle that rotates to force the pipe over the flare. Both produce flares with single and double laps. Purchase Anderson flare unions, reducers and nuts to complete your flare project.

Pipe wrenches are an essential tool for home maintenance and repairs. Wrenches are available in various sizes with the largest fitting two-inch pipe used in commercial plumbing. Steel pipe wrenches are affordable, but they can rust if not kept oiled. Aluminum pipe wrenches from Ivy Classic are resistant to corrosion and lighter in weight. Though they cost more, aluminum wrenches are very durable.

When you shop online at Sears, you'll find plumbing parts, tools and accessories at great prices. We offer an excellent selection from the top brands in the industry. Make Sears your partner on your next plumbing project, and we'll help make it a great success.