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Keep the Water Flowing with Pressure Tanks from Sears

If the water pressure in your home isn't what it used to be, the pressure tank could be the problem. A new tank will boost pressure in your shower and other places when you want a strong flow of water. Pressure tanks from Sears are available in two types: standard pressure and pre-charged. Standard pressure tanks are more affordable, but they require a separate air-volume control unit. Pre-charged tanks are built with an internal bladder or diaphragm that produces the desired level of pressure in your water lines. The brands we sell include Craftsman, Wayne Water Systems and Flotec, so you can be confident you're getting a quality pressure tank for your water system.

Our online catalog of plumbing supplies includes all the plumbing valves you'll need for maintenance and repairs. If your pump runs continuously, the check valve has probably failed. King Brothers and Campbell check valves work with well pumps and discharge pumps to increase efficiency and performance. Brass and CPVC ball valves from American Valve, Hayward and Anderson provide secure shut-offs for water and gas line. Saddle valves are useful for tying into existing copper water lines to supply water to a furnace humidifier or a refrigerator. We carry all these products in a range of sizes for your plumbing needs.

Sump pumps protect your basement from flooding when heavy rains or melting snow invades the drain tile around your home. Pumps from Zoeller, Simer and Flotec pump excess water safely away to avoid flooding and the many problems it can cause. Affordable sump pumps have plastic housings. Better-quality pumps use cast iron or stainless steel housings to increase durability. You'll find the right sump pump for your home in capacities ranging from 1/5 to 1/2 horsepower. We also carry discharge kits and sump crocks if you're installing a new pump.

The manufacturers of sump pumps make dependable well pumps of the highest quality. Shallow well pumps from Simer are used in wells of 25 ft. or less. They feature durable cast iron housings that improve longevity. Deep well submersible pumps from Flotec and Wayne are built with stainless steel housings for maximum durability. Most have robust 3/4-horsepower motors to supply your home or agricultural operation with the steady flow of water you expect. Capacity for the well pumps we sell ranges from 6 gallons per minute to more than 10 gallons per minute.

We've got the equipment you need to bring fresh water into your home and get rid of excess water. Ordering is convenient, and our shipping is prompt. Choose Sears for the plumbing equipment you need, and you'll enjoy great prices on the top brands in the industry.