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Control Water and Gas Flow with Valves from Sears

Sears has every type of valve for water and gas installations. Plumbing valves from American Valve and Anderson come in all standard sizes. Threaded and barbed valves are available to meet specific installation requirements. You'll find solid brass valves, brass valves with chrome finishes and steel waste valves. Shut-off types include spigot dials and levers that offer quick on/off operation. Compression valves for pipe from 1/4 to 3/4 inches. securely connect water supplies to sinks and toilets. Saddle valves in a variety of sizes are used for water lines that feed refrigerators and whole-house humidifiers. Valtara PVC and Hayward CPVC valves feature socket and threaded fittings for secure connections. Actuated ball valves for boiler systems from Dwyer's Anderson Series are available in 24-VAC/DC and 120-VAC models in standard sizes up to one inch.

Adjustable steel pipe wrenches from Sears are affordable, and they come in standard sizes with maximum widths from 3/4 to 3 inches. They are very durable, but you'll need to keep the threads oiled against rust. Aluminum pipe wrenches from Olympia Tools and Ivy Classic are lightweight and very durable. They cost more than steel wrenches, but they are resistant to corrosion and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Tightspot pipe wrenches from Superior Tool come in all standard sizes though they're not adjustable. They prove handy when working under sinks and in other locations where space is limited.

Repairing rather than replacing fixtures can save you money or put a favorite fixture back into working condition. We have faucet stems for hot and cold sides for most brands including Price Pfister, Kohler and American Standard. Other plumbing fixture replacement parts you can order online from Sears include toilet fill and flush assemblies from Fill Pro, sink drain J-bend elbows from Plumb Pak and Waste King sink stoppers for garbage disposers. You can search by brand or part name to find exactly what you need.

Being able to quickly shut off water or gas lines can prevent flooding or explosion. We have plumbing shut-off keys that give you confidence the flow of gas or water has been completely stopped before making repairs to the system. Superior Tool makes versatile emergency plumbing shut-off keys for all size shut-offs. Its Four Way key with four internal square shut-off sizes can be used with sillcocks, stopcocks and valves. It is made from tempered steel for strength and durability. The Combo water meter key from B & K is ideal for property owners who want to shut off water when rental properties are not occupied.

We have the tools and parts required for installing valves for water and gas applications. We'll help you get the flow turned on or off as needed or control its rate. Order plumbing supplies online from Sears, and you'll soon have everything you need for the job.