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Get that Perfect Finish with Cordless Sanders from Sears

Whether you're evening out floor boards or polishing metal pipes, hand sanders are powerful and compact tools that will help you to get nearly any job done faster and more efficiently. Cordless sanders are an absolute must in any homeowner's tool collection, and unlike more traditional corded sanders that require an outlet or extension, these portable options can be easily transported to wherever your project takes you. Get more done at your work bench with a new cordless sander from Sears.

For big jobs, a powerful, heavy-duty cordless belt sander is your best option. Choose a model that includes a detachable dust filter and sawdust bag for keeping your workspace clean as you go. Start shaping raw materials with a coarse grit sandpaper and then switch to a finer grade grit for a smooth, no-pattern finish.

Smaller projects and tight spaces call for a more versatile battery sander. Detail sanders are specially designed to reach all the nooks and crannies so that your work is thoroughly consistent. Try a battery-powered sander that features interchangeable components for customizing every detail of your handiwork. Do more with a versatile new cordless sander from Sears in your tool cart.