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Execute Carpentry Works in Quick Time with a Power Screwdriver from Sears

Undertaking projects at a construction site presents certain challenges pertaining to installation of sheets and other materials. This is possible when you have power tools that can handle difficult tasks to not make you feel fatigued. Power screw drivers help assemble furniture, metal sheets and more. The mode of operation is electric, which ensures that you finish the work in minimum time, thereby increasing your productivity. By inserting screws accurately and quickly, electric screwdrivers offer a powerful drill capability. Sears has a diverse range of power screwdrivers and screw guns of both corded and cordless types.

More on Power Screwdrivers and Screw Guns

What is a screw gun used for?

Similar to a power drill, this power tool is used to driving screws through wood and other materials. However, a screw gun possesses a nose instead of a chuck. It is this tip of the machine which holds shank bits.

How does a screw driver differ from a screw gun?

A power screwdriver is a hand tool that is used to screw and unscrew effortlessly. It has a bit holder which can be magnetic or have a quick release system. On the other hand, screw guns are specifically designed for driving screws quickly. These are not as versatile as drills.

What are the types of power screwdrivers and screw guns?

Power screwdrivers and screw guns come in corded and cordless types, each of which has its own set of advantages and place of application.

Corded Power Screwdrivers and Screw Guns

When you intend to choose a machine for professional drywall applications, then you can opt for a corded screwdriver. Most of these power tools come with a depth-sensitive nosepiece, so that the depth will be consistent every time you drive a screw.

Sears has some of the best-selling corded equipment like DeWalt DW267 6.5A Drywall Screw Gun, Makita XSF03Z 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Drywall Screwdriver and Ryobi 18V ONE+ Brushless Drywall Screw Gun Tool. All these machines are lightweight and portable for operational convenience. Adjustable and removable nose cone enables improved accuracy.

Cordless Power Screwdrivers and Screw Guns

For light works in and around your home, you can choose a cordless model that is ergonomic and compact. Cordless power screwdrivers fit in tight spaces and simplify bit insertion and removal.

Sears has cordless electric tools like Milwaukee 2401-20 M12 12V Lithium-Ion Cordless Hex Screwdriver, Black and Decker Li2000 3.6V 3 Position Rechargeable Screwdriver and SainSmart Cordless Electric Screwdriver with Rechargeable 3.6V Lithium Battery. These machines come with a comfortable grip-handle to avert the risk of injury to your palms. Thanks to a rechargeable battery, these electric screwdrivers are perfect for household projects.

Sears has all kinds of power tools from top-rated brands like Makita, Bosch, DeWalt and Black and Decker. Browse through corded screwdrivers, cordless screw guns, and corded screw guns to shortlist the ones with modern features. We run shopping events and campaigns to help you save big on tools, appliances, clothing, lawn & garden accessories, and TVs & Electronics. Explore the stock available with us and pick the one you prefer the most.