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Portable Power Tools


Work smarter, not harder with portable power tools from Sears


Take home improvement projects into your own hands with new power tools. Whether you're fixing up the bathroom, remodeling the living room or building a swing set out back for the kids, these versatile power tools can handle it all. From drills, screwdriver, saws, and grinders to comprehensive toolsets and accessories, Sears has everything you need to tackle even the most demanding jobs around the house or on the job site.

Even if you're not a professional craftsman, electric drills are a must-have power tool for homeowners everywhere. These easy-to-use drills can be used for just about any project. Start a basic homeowner's tool kit by adding a jigsaw to your collection for customizing project components and a sander for adding the final touches. Expand your collection for specialized projects with drill bits, replacement blades, extra batteries, and other accessories for even more versatility..

If you're just moving into your first apartment or home, a portable power tool kit will get you started off on the right foot. A 6-piece set that includes a drill, a driver, two saws, an oscillating multi-tool, sander, and accessories will be all you need for most basic projects. When you're finished working, throw the set into the included tool bag and store it away until it's time to work again.