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Find a Durable Router Table and Attachments for your Workshop

A router table can expands the capabilities of your workshop. This device allows you to accomplish intricate cabinet work and make tongue-and-groove joints. Sears has router attachments that let you to carve out unique designs or sign initials while woodworking. All it takes is the right router bits to have access to a wide range of decorative edges. Whether you're an amateur woodworker or a professional cabinet builder, the router is an essential part of any workshop, and yours needs the right accessories to do truly exceptional work.

Like any tool or accessory, it's important to keep a router clean to get the most out of table attachments and accessories. Install a dust collection system in your workshop that can help quickly and easily clean sawdust and debris from the router table after finishing a project. A dust-free workspace makes it easier to use router accessories to carve out cabinets or signs with the exact look and feel you want. With the right dust collector and table, you'll have a woodworking area that is always in working order.

No matter what project you're tackling, there are router tables and accessories that can help reduce your workload. Sears has the router attachments you need to get the most out of your workshop.