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Get Water to your Home with Well Pumps

Well pumps bring water from beneath the ground to surface level so you can fill your bathtub, wash dishes and water your garden. Sears carries models that can be placed above the well or submersible well pumps that go directly into the water source. No matter which model you need, Sears has the perfect style to get water flowing through your pipes.

If you're dealing with a shallow well, no more than 25 feet deep, Sears has a great selection of shallow well pumps. Simer shallow well pumps are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron. The durable iron construction will help lengthen the productive life of the pump. When shopping for your new well pump, make sure that it's rated for the depth of the well. Otherwise, there may not be sufficient pressure.

Sears has a great selection of well pumps that will get water flowing through any home. With the help of your pipe wrench, you'll have the new pump installed so you can enjoy all the benefits. These plumbing accessories will help maintain steady water pressure for both indoor and outdoor water outlets. Get the well pump you need and have water whenever you want.