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Remove or transport large quantities of water with a powerful water pump

A gas or electric water pump is the best way to remove water from a flooded basement, swimming pool or utility system. From in-line well, irrigation and sprinkler pumps to portable utility pumps, Sears has a wide selection of specialty water pumps for every situation and task. These heavy-duty pumps are designed to efficiently move and remove water from anywhere it doesn’t belong. The waterproof motor, durable casing and adjustable speed controls make pumps the ideal solution for professional plumbers and new homeowners alike. Keep your home, business or worksite dry with a reliable water pump.

No home is complete without a compact utility pump on hand for emergencies. Simply connect the outlet valve to a garden hose, set the tube in standing water and watch as it pumps gallons of liquid out of a flooded room, swimming pool or even a clogged bathtub. Keep one in your garage storage cabinet for easy access during a weather emergency. Choose a gas-powered pump with aluminum housing for large-scale jobs. The recoil start makes it easy to set up and run after transport.

Sears also carries floor fans and wet-dry vacuums for precision cleaning and drying after you've extracted most of the water using a powerful pump. Stay prepared for leaks and spills with an easy-to-use water pump.