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Cut Tough Stuff with Cut off Saw Blades

Cut off saw blades don't back down from iron pipe, steel reinforcement rod or framing nails. They turn any drill or driver into a highly-functional demolition tool. We carry a great selection of affordable, disposable Ivy Classic cut-off discs as well as high-strength steel blades for hard materials. Gilatools blades are available in sizes from 4 in. to 24 in. and are ideal for cutting concrete and asphalt. They are tipped with diamond for hardness and durability. The segmented design of the blades channels away dust as the blade does its job.

Jig saws are versatile and handy tools in the shop and on the job site. Jig saw blades are made in various styles to fit different purposes. If you use your jigsaw for woodworking projects that require accurate, detailed cuts, choose a blade with finer teeth and more of them. Blades with fewer, more aggressive teeth are ideal for quickly getting through dimensional wood or PVC pipe. Sets come with a variety of blades and an explanation of each one's purpose, so you'll have the right blade for each task. Since jig saw blades can bend and break during normal usage, consider buying the most common blades you use in packs of three or more. The blades are easy to change, and having a spare on hand will prevent work interruptions.

Multifunction tools give you the ability to accomplish many different tasks depending on the blades you install. High carbon steel blades from Fein and Oshlun are designed for cutting fiberglass, wood and plastic. Multifunction tool blades come in a variety of types to handle many different tasks including grinding and cutting. Most tools use several blades at once, so we offer packs that give you the full complement of blades plus spares. As you browse your options, the blade descriptions will tell you what tasks each type is used to accomplish.

Tile is tough, and trimming tiles for installation takes a rugged blade. Tile saw blades from DeWalt and Felker are tipped with carbide or diamond to give them the long-lasting strength required. Their fine teeth or continuous rims make thin, very precise cuts when trimming ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. Evolution Multipurpose blades can also be used for masonry and brick. If you use water cooling while you are cutting, look for blades that can be used wet or dry.

Without fresh blades, your cutting tool won't get the job done. We have high-quality, hardworking blades for every saw in your lineup. Stock up on replacement blades from Sears, and you'll always have a new one when you need it.