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Replacement Blades

Cut with precision using high-quality saw blades

Whether slicing through lumber or carving delicate trim, the proper saw blade will give you total control over the task. Replacement blades are crafted from high-quality materials that cut evenly and cleanly. Find blades for tiny oscillating multifunction tools, huge band saws and everything in between at Sears.

When slicing through planks of dimensional lumber, a sharp blade makes all the difference. A circular saw can create clean, precise cuts in seconds with the rotating power of a carbide blade. Grab a high-carbon steel bandsaw or jigsaw blade to slice through anything from sheets of drywall to wood using the rows of serrated teeth. Choose from a variety of sizes and blade types for more control while you're working. Saw blades are just as useful for outdoor projects as they are in your workshop or garage. Outfit a reciprocating saw with a pruning blade that features bi-metal construction to shape shrubs and trees around the property.

Replacement blades can also handle more intricate tasks with ease. Planar blades smooth out imperfections on wooden planks, leaving a gorgeous finish for hardwood flooring in the living room. In the kitchen, a pack of tile saw blades helps to slice through ceramic tile. Finish the home with beautiful crown moldings, sculpted with a fresh scroll saw blade. Update your favorite and most-used cutting tools with new replacement saw blades from Sears.