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Finish Wiring Works by Choosing Electric Tool Sets from Sears

While undertaking works related to installation of electric circuits and switch boards, a wide variety of tools are required. The task might involve drilling, punching holes and other mechanical jobs too. An electrician has to repair wiring systems and install conduits to hide electric wiring. This means he has to be adept at using hand tools, power tools and electric tools. In order to complete their works safely and quickly, they must possess electric kits, which include screwdrivers, screws, nuts and more. Sears has a great stock of tool sets that meet all the demands of an electrician.

Power Tools Used by Electricians

The profession involves dealing with high currents and voltages. At the same time, it is important that the circuits are concealed to keep shocks at bay. Before installing a switch board or repairing a machine, certain instruments are required for uninstalling or disassembling them. This highlights the significance of power tools like drills, rotary tools and more. Sears has some power tools used by electricians such as:

The Trademark Tools T 74 Piece Combo Cordless Drill & Driver is a tool kit that includes a 12V cordless drill with driver bits, sockets and drivers. The bits can be coupled with the powerful 12V drill and 3.6V driver to help you tackle nearly any electric project. An LED work light enhances visibility, while an AC charging adapter simplifies operation. A durable carrying case keeps the assortment in one place. Drills are used by the electricians for driving screws and nuts without any fatigue.

The Dremel 2025120 7 Piece 4V Cordless Rotary Tool Kit simplifies completion of everyday crafts and DIY projects. This rotary tool kit can be used in sanding, grinding, sharpening, polishing and engraving applications. A fast charging USB port with a rechargeable 4V lithium-ion battery ensures portability and user convenience. Rotary tools are used by electricians to cut and grind metal, remove rust, and clean electrical contacts.

Mechanical Tools Used by Electricians

Some low intensity works such as cutting household wires and repairing miniature circuits involves the use of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and more. These are most certainly found in an electrician tool kit. Sears has some great tool sets that an electrician can choose to make his work easy.

The Knipex 10 Piece 1,000V Insulated Tool Set comprises insulated pliers, cutters and screwdrivers for electrical installation works. Encased in a hard case, carrying these tools to your worksite every day should be very easy.

The Teng Tools 18 Piece Pliers and Screwdriver 1000 Volt Tool Set is mainly designed to execute electric projects at homes and other establishments. This tool kit is a combination of pliers, wire strippers and screwdrivers. It has a screwdriver shaft in the 1000V range, which is covered with two layers of insulation in different colors. We also have the DeWalt Tools DWTDWMT73803 Mechanics Tools Set, which includes 168 tools and instruments polished in a chrome-vanadium finish.

Sears has plenty of tool kits and miniature instruments from top-rated brands like DeWalt, Teng Tools, KD Tools and more. Our tool sets feature a diverse collection of cordless drill sets, screws, nuts, router bits and more. Shopping is sure to be a joy with exciting deals and campaigns we offer. Fix the malfunctioning light fixture in your home by choosing an electrician tool kit from Sears.