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House your Equipment in Side Tool Chests

Keep all your tools at ground level with side tool chests. Instead of stacking tool boxes all around the workshop, side drawer chests keep your entire collection easily accessible and within reach. Choose from a wide variety of models with unique features, such as lockable drawers and adjustable shelves. Access the tools you need at a moment's notice with tool box side cabinets.

Side tool chests are available in both locker and drawer configurations. If you have many loose tools like wrench sets and screwdrivers that can get mixed up, side drawer chests help you organize each tool by type. If you regularly travel to jobsites, automatically locking drawers can ensure that tools stay contained during transport. Tool lockers are ideal for storing large or bulky items that may not fit in smaller drawers. Both types of chests are designed to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight. Choose models containing shelves, drawers or a combination of both depending on your storage needs.

Side drawer chests can make your workspace more flexible. When a project calls for you to be away from the workbench, you can roll the chests wherever you go. Stay organized and take control of tough projects with side tool chests from Sears.