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Protect your Tools with Hand Tool Carriers

Keeping your hand tools in good condition allows you to get the most from your investment in them. Hand tool carriers from Klein Tools, Platt and Pelican protect your tools and keep them organized. Hard-shelled cases are ideal for sensitive tools like meters, testers and gauges. Most of these hand tool carriers have wheels and telescoping handles for convenience. The Craftsman Military-Ready Series cases give you plenty of options for tool organization. The series includes specialty carriers for contractors, mechanics and electronics technicians. Soft hand tool carriers from Trademark Tools, the original Pink Box and other top brands are made from lightweight but sturdy nylon and canvas. They feature internal and external pockets, and most have adjustable, padded shoulder straps for comfort.

You'll find plier sets handy around the home, in the shop or on the job site. Affordable utility sets are a good choice for occasional use. DIY enthusiasts may prefer a set with higher quality from Craftsman, Stanley or Irwin. Professional-grade plier sets are available from Craftsman Pro and Knipex. Most sets feature several types of pliers. Slip-joint or tongue & groove pliers are the most versatile. Long-nose pliers reach where standard pliers won't fit. Locking pliers give you a firm grip on pipes or bolts and act as clamps too. Cutting pliers are ideal for wire, cable and banding. With hundreds of plier sets available, we'll have the one you want.

Framers and remodelers will find many uses for pry bars. Many have a claw on one end for pulling nails. Wrecking bars with a standard head do most jobs well. Pry bars from VPT and SK Tools with goose necks or rolling heads are ideal for tearing up flooring or removing sheathing. Code Red and Dasco make short pry bars that are useful where space is limited. The Stanley FatMax utility bar can tackle most tough tasks. Pry bar sets from Pro Forge, Schwaben and Mayhew give you maximum versatility for getting work done.

Staple guns are useful tools for installing wall insulation, securing plastic sheeting and a hundred other tasks. Affordable staple guns will come in handy around the house. Contractors may prefer a professional-quality gun from Craftsman Pro, Arrow or Esselte. We also carry staples in all widths and types, so you can stock up ahead of your next project.

We have the tools you're looking for and carriers to get them to where the work needs to be done. A range of quality and features gives you buying options to suit your purposes. Order toda, and put hand tools and tool carriers from Sears to work for you.