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Workstations Improve your Efficiency and Productivity

Workstations give you a place to work and organize your tools and equipment more efficiently in your workshop or garage. Sears has a full list of workstations and project centers from Craftsman and Diversified Woodcrafts to help you maximize your space as you work. Invest in the Craftsman 72-inch workbench with a built-in peg top for hanging your most-used tools conveniently within reach. You can also opt for a Viper Tool storage toolbox with 11 drawers for organizing and storing your wrenches and power tools. It also has heavy-duty casters for supporting the weight and transporting your tools where you need them.

With a Craftsman toolbox and workstation, you have enough space to store replacement tool blades for your jigsaws and tile cutters. We also have dado blades for cutting grooves and planer blades for flattening the wood's surface. Blades break and wear down over time, but invest in Craftsman 10-piece blade sets for your reciprocating saw to ensure you have the right size for every project. Whether you need a circular saw blade or multifunctional tool blades for your oscillating multi-tool, we stock blades of every shape and size for all of your corded and cordless power tools.

Workstations prove beneficial for storing your tools in your home garage, but you should also consider job site storage boxes and containers for tools you need to leave on-site. A Craftsman black Job Box supports up to 140 pounds of tools, and it has a powder-coated finish that holds up to extreme weather conditions. You want a storage box that features locking mechanisms for protecting your tools, so check out the Excel job site box with its two security locks for extra protection and heavy-duty steel handles for maximum portability.

If you have a workstation or a rollaway chest, then consider top chests that provide more storage space for your tools and accessories. Top chests come in a variety of sizes to place on rollaway chests and workbenches. In addition to its interior storage space, a top chest includes individual drawers for organizing screwdrivers or storing loose nuts and bolts. The Craftsman 5-drawer GRIPLATCH top chest comes fully assembled and supports up to 50 pounds in each drawer. Top chests also feature durable handles for easy portability in the workshop.

Whether you work at home or on-site, workstations and job site storage containers keep your tools organized and ready when you need them. Workbenches give you more room to do your work, and top chests come in handy for storing individual tools and accessories. Check out Sears' complete inventory for more affordable project centers and workstations for your at-home or on-site workshop.