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Tool Storage


Give your tools a safe home with tool storage solutions from Sears


Different types of tool storage not only keep a workshop organized, but they also prevent all your loose tools from getting dinged or damaged. Sears carries the latest tool chests, carriers and more so every item is always protected and in reach. Choose from tall stationery or rollaway chests to house an entire collection, or find portable tool bags and boxes perfect for jobs on the go. No matter what you need, there are options that suit you best.

Whether you have a professional workshop or a dedicated workspace in the basement or garage, you know tool storage is essential. Customize your area by stacking top, middle and bottom tool chests to hold everything from screws to sockets. Need something bigger to house heavy-duty power tools? Consider a large combo chest and cabinets. If you tackle a lot of projects under the hood, go with rollaway options or tool carts so no tool is out of reach when you move around. 

Moving from job site to job site also requires durable storage solutions. Keep all your necessary supplies in a handy carrier bag or a metal toolbox so you can conquer any project with ease. From mechanic tool carts to portable options, Sears carries the latest tool storage products from Kenmore, International and other top brands.