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Fuse Metals with the Help of a MIG Welder

MIG welders, also known as wire welders, are designed to join metals of light to medium thickness. They use a nonreactive gas to prevent oxygen and other contaminants from affecting the welding process. Whether you need to repair a damaged vehicle axle or sculpt a metal art piece, MIG welders can create fast, durable results with minimal waste.

Today's MIG welders don't require gas like their predecessors. Sears carries gasless wire welders that perform the same job without the need for a tank. All you have to do is load the welding wire, and you're ready to go. This selection of flux wire welders will provide any shop with the perfect unit for binding metals to fix tools or create entirely new pieces.

Sears has stand-alone MIG welders and units that come complete with a cart. Units that have their own cart are perfect for welders that will be staying put in the shop. They can be rolled over to a project when needed and stored when you're done for the day. If you decide to get a cart later, you may want a welding cart with tiered shelves that provide a steady work surface. Create welds that will stand the test of time with these tools and more.