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Plasma Cutters Work Quickly for Precision Cutting

Whether working in an auto repair shop or doing metalworking as a hobby, speed and precision should be your top priorities when working with metals. Plasma cutters use an accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through conductive metals like steel, aluminum, copper and brass, giving them a wider application than many other cutting options. Sears features lightweight plasma cutting machines with built-in DC inverters so you can easily go from the shop to wherever the job takes you.

While a cutting torch can be used for slicing through thin metals, thicker, denser materials are going to need more power. Plasma cutters work by super-heating compressed air. The resulting plasma blast can cut many common types of electrically-conductive materials quickly and cleanly. Trim stainless steel and aluminum plates or refine the edges of metal piping for plumbing jobs with plasma cutting voltages of up to 240. Models featuring built-in air compressors can save valuable time on the job and make toting your gear from site to site simple and convenient.

Sears has plasma cutters from brands the pros trust for quick precision cutting. See the difference a plasma cutting machine makes in your workshop or garage, and always remember to wear proper shop safety gear to protect your eyes, face and hands.